Meridian Credit Union


Meridian is the largest Credit Union in Ontario, delivering a full range of financial services to individuals and businesses. It quietly boasts 65 years of banking history and $8 billion in assets, and connects to its members through 63 branches and eight commercial business centres. The Meridian focus is local community banking and it prides itself most on its highly rated customer service.

Roseander Main offers timely dialogue and systems to manage multiple short-turnaround briefs. We maintain a strong understanding of Meridian brand standards and our strength is intelligent brand application solutions to projects of varying scopes. Not all jobs match the templates from the standards manual; we can handle that. We gladly co-operate with other agencies. Responsible delivery goes without saying, but we know that it's a trait that will make or break a relationship. Roseander Main has a strong ongoing relationship with Meridian Credit Union.

In short, we’re akin to an embedded internal art department that happens to be arms-length external. Multiple Meridian projects cross our desk on a near daily basis. We aim to provide the same high level of customer service that Meridian itself maintains.



Roseander Main handles a wide scope of business-to-business and customer communications for Meridian.

• “smile” member’s newsletter,
• Community newspaper and magazine ads,
• In-branch posters, signage and fliers,
• Annual Report,
• Annual General Meeting package,
• Direct mail,
• Photo shoots.